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How does PreHeels work?

The aerosolized formula dries on the skin forming a strong polymeric coating which creates an invisible, anti-friction barrier between your foot and your shoe to block shoe-rubbing and prevent blisters and irritation. Click here to learn more.

What are tips for best results?

Remember to shake well before use, only spray on clean, dry skin and allow the barrier to dry fully before spraying a second layer or putting on your shoes Click here for quick tips on how to use PreHeels, or Click here for a detailed (printable!) guide to using the product and getting the best results.    

Why is PreHeels the best solution on the market?

We created the product out of necessity because all other products available don't work or have major compromises. Balm sticks and gels simply don't work and they quickly rub off on your shoes. Bandages, inserts and patches are ugly, ruin your style, can only be used on certain parts of your foot, and can quickly fall off.

Unlike bandages and inserts, PreHeels is totally invisible, so it won't compromise your style or create discomfort, and since it forms a completely dry, long-lasting coating, it won't rub off on your shoes like greasy balms or gels and will continue to provide anti-friction protection all day or all night. And because PreHeels' aerosolized spray conforms perfectly to the unique shape of your foot, unlike bandages, you can get 100% comfortable coverage even on hard-to-reach parts of your foot, like the back of the heel or over your toes. PreHeels provides clear, long lasting and effective protection from blisters and skin irritation like no other product on the market.  

Click here to see how PreHeels compares to competitive products.

What is in PreHeels?  What are the ingredients?

Since nature doesn't make a skin protectant spray that is strong enough to combat the friction dished out by your shoes, we spent several years working with a team of talented cosmetic scientists who specialize in skin protectants to create PreHeels. We thoughtfully chose each individual ingredient to ultimately develop a hypo-allergenic formulation that's safe and gentle on skin.  Here's what each ingredient does:  
  1. Dimethyl Ether: propellant that enables the formulation to be sprayed evenly in a mist. This is an organic compound and common aerosol propellant that does not harm the ozone.
  2. Mixed Acetate Solvents: liquids designed to evaporate quickly to leave the protective barrier on your skin. All of these have been shown to be completely safe over decades of use in consumer nail polishes.
  3. Acrylate copolymers: safe, plastic-like particles that sit on the skin and bond together once dry to form a barrier. These are also used in nail polishes and other common coatings.
  4. Non-pthalate plasticizer: helps make the barrier flexible so that it can move and flex with your skin. This ingredient is even approved for use with food contact. 
  5. Siloxanes: allows the barrier to feel soft and smooth on your skin. This is a common smoothing agent used in deodorants, hair sprays & facial moisturizing creams. 
In addition to choosing individual ingredients with excellent safety profiles, we have had our formulation reviewed and clinically tested by an independent organization on ~150 human volunteers (we have never tested on animals) under the care and observation of clinical dermatologists to ensure the product is effective, safe and completely non-irritating.

Will this product prevent 100% of irritation and blisters?

We designed PreHeels to help prevent the most common source of skin irritation and blisters: the friction that results from your shoes repeatedly rubbing against the skin on your feet. However, the product is not designed to prevent certain types of irritation and discomfort that are caused by other sources, such as wearing the wrong size shoes or shoes that don’t fit correctly.

Does PreHeels prevent blisters on the bottom of feet?

The product is meant to prevent irritation where there is friction on the skin from shoes, so it is effective on many areas of the foot (heel, ankle, side of foot, toes, top of foot, etc). However, PreHeels was not created to help with pressure-blisters which is the most common cause of pain on the bottom of feet.

Is this for use only with high heels?  Only for feet?

PreHeels is designed to protect the skin from any type of friction, so it is equally effective with any type of shoe or as an anti-chafe agent to protect you during physical activity. It is safe and effective for use wherever else clothing-induced friction occurs, like under bra straps. If using for skin-on-skin friction, it is essential that you allow the barrier to dry fully before allowing surfaces to touch or they may stick together.

How long does PreHeels last & how do you remove it?

Unlike balms and bandages, we developed PreHeels to provide anti-blister protection all day or all night -- about 12 hours of protection. It is sweat-resistant and durable enough to protect against tough, ongoing friction for extended periods of time. After about a day, the coating will naturally begin to flake off, or you can wash off the product at any time with soap, warm water and light scrubbing. For a little extra help softening the barrier for removal you can use nail polish remover (acetone), ethanol alcohol (like vodka) or many body oils.

How can you achieve the strongest possible barrier?

For tough friction or rubbing, a second coat of PreHeels will provide even stronger protection via a thicker barrier.  Spray on a single coat.  Let it dry for about 60 seconds until it is smooth and non-sticky to the touch, and then spray on a second layer and let it dry.  Then PreHeels can be reapplied during the day or night while on-the-go to renew the protective barrier.

Why does the product initially have an alcohol-like scent?

The initial alcohol-like scent is how you know it's working!  It will dissipate in about 20 seconds, once the barrier has fully formed.  Why the initial scent?  In order to be able to spray out the thick PreHeels barrier in a fine mist that also dries quickly, we had to develop a proprietary solvent system that rapidly evaporates. The initial alcohol-like scent occurs as the liquid part of the formula evaporates to leave behind the strong protective barrier on your skin. Once it has dried, only a light lemon verbena fragrance will remain.

Is PreHeels safe and effective?

PreHeels has been elaborately tested for both safety and efficacy in multiple (independently conducted) human clinical studies, and was shown to be completely safe, hypoallergenic and effective. Based on this strong safety profile, the product is dermatologist-recommended and 100% non-irritating. We do not test on animals.

Does PreHeels treat blisters?

No. PreHeels is designed to prevent blisters only by creating a protective coating on your skin. You should NOT spray it on existing blisters or broken or irritated skin (it will sting).

What are the additional warnings detailed on the product packaging?

Danger: extremely flammable aerosol. Keep away from any type of flame, smoke or high temperatures. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Avoid direct inhalation. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. If ingested, consult a physician or poison control center immediately. Avoid any contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, immediately flush with water for several minutes. Do not apply to existing blisters, mucous membranes or on broken, irritated or itching skin. Discontinue use if rash, redness or pain occurs. Consult your physician if discomfort persists.

How long does shipping take?

All carriers require aerosols to go out by ground shipping only (via truck) so orders take longer to arrive than a “normal” delivery. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer expedited shipping options at this time. We fulfill same or next business day & carriers pick-up from our fulfillment center daily. It can take up to 7 business days to arrive on the east coast while west coast deliveries usually arrive within 14 business days. We always fulfill same or next business day.

How do I track my order?

We send a shipping confirmation email as soon as an order is fulfilled to the email address used to place the order. This is always same or next business day. If you haven’t received the email, make sure that you check your spam folder. If you opted for USPS first class shipping, you will not see a tracking update for ~4 business days as your package travels across several states to be sorted out. If you paid for UPS shipping, you will see an update within 24 hours of carrier pickup.

Do you ship internationally?

We only ship within the United States & Canada at this time. We are working on international distribution & can't wait share PreHeels with the rest of the world. Email us at if you'd like to be notified when we expand shipping.

What’s your return policy?

We stand behind the quality of PreHeels. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at for assistance. Returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt. We do not offer free shipping for returns. If you placed an accidental order, please write “Return to Sender” on the unopened box and contact us when you drop it off at the post office.