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let's play 20 questions 

1.  How does PreHeels work?

Everything you need to know in a short video.

PreHeels creates an invisible barrier on the skin that sits between your feet and your shoes to block the friction that causes most hot spots, irritation and blisters. It protects more than 20x better than wax sticks, it works with all types of shoes (not just heels), it's hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved, and provides ~6 hours of protection with a typical application before it begins to naturally break down for easy removal with a washcloth, soap and water.

2.  Is this for use with ALL shoes, or only high heels? Is it only for use on the feet?

PreHeels works with ALL types of shoes, and it is a general, fast-drying, super strong-yet-flexible-and-breathable skin protectant. High heels and strappy shoes are some of the worst offenders, but virtually all shoes can irritate your skin: flats rub over the toes, sandals irritate between your toes, and even boots and running shoes often blister the back of your heel. 

PreHeels is like invisible armor designed to block all of that friction, from any type of shoe and it is safe and effective for use wherever else clothing-induced friction occurs, like under bra straps or a backpack. It can even be used to protect you from sports-related chafing. Note: If using for skin-on-skin friction, it is essential that you allow the barrier to dry fully on both sides before allowing the surfaces to touch, or they can stick together.

3.  How do I use it?  

Or alternately, in written format:

1)  PREP:  First, make sure your skin is clean & dry. Damp skin, oils or lotions can prevent the barrier from bonding with the skin and properly forming.

2) SPRAY:  Shake the can well and spray from about 3 inches away to create an even, generous layer, but not so thick that the coating becomes drippy. Apply it anywhere your shoes normally rub against your skin.

3) DRY:  Allow the coating to dry for a full 90 seconds, or until it is smooth to the touch and no longer sticky. This is really important. PreHeels needs to dry 100% in order for the protective barrier to properly form.

4) REAPPLY:  Apply a second layer over any hot spots that require extra protection. Two layers is thick enough and there's no need for a third layer, but you can reapply hours later to strengthen or renew the barrier.

5) REMOVE:  After about 6 hours, the coating will naturally begin to break down and flake off, making it easy to remove with some light scrubbing with a normal washcloth or loofa and a little soap and warm water.

7 more tips for best results:  

  • COVER PAINTED NAILS. Avoid spraying PreHeels on painted toe nails as the coating can dull their shine. If helpful you can cover your nails with a tissue before spraying.
  • LET IT DRY FULLY.  Make sure to wait a full 90 seconds until the coating is 100% dry before putting on your shoes or applying a second layer.  Otherwise the barrier won't have the chance to fully form.
  • AVOID EXISTING BLISTERS. Don't spray on existing blisters or irritated skin as it may sting.  PreHeels prevents blisters, it doesn't treat them.
  • ALCOHOL SCENT IS SO IT CAN DRY FAST. The delivery system quickly evaporates leaving behind a brief alcohol like scent, and allows the coating to dry more then 5 times faster than paint-on coatings.  It fades in about 20 seconds, but use with an open window to clear it even faster.
  • NATURALLY BREAKS DOWN.  The coating is designed to naturally break down for removal after ~6hrs, but you can reapply if it starts to break down before your night is over.
  • 2 LAYERS IS OPTIMAL.  No need for 3 layers; 2 provides optimal protection.
  • PREVENTS FRICTION BLISTERS ONLY.  Don’t spray the bottom of your feet because PreHeels isn’t designed to help with the type of blisters caused by pressure or if you shoes don’t fit correctly. The product only prevents the type of blisters caused by friction.

Shortest possible illustrated summary:


To print the instructions insert that comes with each box of PreHeels, click here

4.  Why is PreHeels superior to using a wax stick or a bandage?

Wax sticks work by temporarily lubricating your skin, but then rub off on your shoes within ~15 minutes, quickly leaving your feet vulnerable to hot spots and blisters. Bandages and inserts are unattractive, quickly fall off, are uncomfortable and can cover only small areas of your foot. PreHeels provides more than 20x better protection against blisters than wax sticks and won't rub off on your shoes. Unlike bandages and inserts, PreHeels is completely invisible and provides 100% comfortable protection to any part of your foot.

5.  What are the ingredients in PreHeels? 

We spent several years working with a team of talented cosmetic scientists who specialize in skin protectants to create PreHeels. We thoughtfully chose each individual ingredient to ultimately develop a hypoallergenic formulation that's safe and gentle on skin, yet tough on friction.  Here's what each ingredient does:  
  1. Dimethyl Ether: propellant that enables the formulation to be sprayed evenly in a mist. This is an organic compound and common aerosol propellant that does not harm the ozone.
  2. Mixed Acetate Solvents: liquids designed to evaporate quickly to leave the protective barrier on your skin. All of these have been shown to be completely safe over decades of use in consumer nail polishes.
  3. Acrylate copolymers: safe, friction-blocking particles that sit on the skin and bond together to form a strong, flexible breathable barrier. These polymers are also used in nail polishes and other common coatings.
  4. Non-pthalate plasticizer: helps make the barrier flexible so that it can move and flex with your skin. This ingredient is even approved for use with food contact. 
  5. Siloxanes: allows the barrier to feel soft and smooth on your skin. This is a common smoothing agent used in deodorants, hair sprays & facial moisturizing creams. 

6.  Has the product been clinically tested?

Extensively. In addition to choosing individual ingredients with excellent safety profiles, we have had our formulation reviewed in 3 separate independently run clinical studies of over 150 human volunteers, under the care and observation of clinical dermatologists to ensure the product is effective, safe and completely non-irritating. 


7.  Have you ever tested it on animals?

No.  We never have and we never will test any of our products on animals.    

8.  How long does PreHeels last & how do you remove it?

A typical application of PreHeels lasts ~6 hours.  It may last longer or less long depending on many factors including how thickly you apply it, how aggressive your shoes or your activity are, or how humid the weather is.  If the the coating begins to wear down sooner than desired, you can apply a second layer while on the go. 

The coating is designed to resist light sweat and water, and to be flexible and breathable enough to stay comfortably in place while you walk, run or dance. We wanted it to last long enough to protect for a typical day or night's use, but not to last so long that it becomes difficult to remove (e.g., like super glue or something). 

As such, after several hours, the PreHeels coating is designed to begin to break down and flake off, allowing for easy removal with a normal wet washcloth or loofa and light scrubbing.  No chemical remover is typically required, but for a little extra help softening the barrier, you can use nail polish remover (acetone), ethanol alcohol (like vodka) or most common body oils.

9.  Should I apply more than one layer for increased protection?

We recommend two layers of PreHeels to provide the best protection from friction. After shaking well, spray on a single coating on hotspots. Let it dry for about 90 seconds until it is smooth and non-sticky to the touch, and then spray on a second layer and let it dry 100%. PreHeels can be reapplied during the day or night while on-the-go to renew the protective barrier. But 2 layers is plenty; 3 layers may cause the coating to become so thick that it begins to break down sooner.



10.  Why does the product have an alcohol-like scent while it is drying?

The product’s aerosol formulation is designed to enable the coating to dry ~5 times faster than a roll-on or brush-on application. As this delivery system evaporates leaving behind the strong dry barrier, a temporary alcohol-like scent will float away in around 20 seconds.  The scent fades quickly as the product dries, but you can apply the product in an open area with proper ventilation or an open window to clear it even faster. Once the coating has dried, only a light (hypoallergenic) fragrance will remain.

11. Will PreHeels prevent pressure blisters on the bottom of my feet?

No. We designed PreHeels to help prevent the most common source of skin irritation and blisters: the friction that results from your shoes repeatedly rubbing against the skin on your feet. However, the product will not help to prevent the types of blisters that are caused by pressure or when your shoes do not fit correctly.  So don't spray it onto the bottoms of your feet.  

12.  Does PreHeels help to treat existing blisters?

No. PreHeels is designed only to prevent blisters by creating a protective coating on your skin. It will not help to heal existing blisters, and you should be careful NOT to spray it on existing blisters or broken or irritated skin or it can sting.

13. Can I carry my PreHeels with me on an airplane?

Yes. All sizes of PreHeels meet the TSA requirements for limited quantity aerosols and are viewed to be safe to bring aboard aircraft. It is important to remember that TSA requires all liquid, aerosol and gel items fit in a clear, sealed 1-quart plastic bag, and only one plastic zip-top bag is permitted per passenger inside carry-on baggage.

Please note that international guidelines might differ from US requirements, so we recommend checking with your airline prior to international travel.

14.  What are the additional regulatory warnings required on the product packaging?

Danger: extremely flammable aerosol. Keep away from any type of flame, smoke or high temperatures. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Avoid direct inhalation. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. If ingested, consult a physician or poison control center immediately. Avoid any contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, immediately flush with water for several minutes. Do not apply to existing blisters, mucous membranes or on broken, irritated or itching skin. Discontinue use if rash, redness or pain occurs. Consult your physician if discomfort persists.

15. How long does shipping usually take?

Because PreHeels is an aerosol, the US requires it to ship out via ground shipping only, so the delivery period can sometimes be longer than an average package. Most orders arrive within 3-4 business days, and you can check on the status of your order by clicking on the tracking info provided in your shipment confirmation email. Check your spam folder for the order & shipping confirmation emails, if you don't see them at a first glance. We process and fulfill in a timely manner in hopes of getting your order to you as soon as possible.

16.  How do I track my order?

We send a shipping confirmation email to the email address used to place the order as soon as it is fulfilled. This is always same or next business day. If you haven’t received the email, make sure that you check your spam folder. You will find tracking information in this email.

17.  Do you ship internationally?

We ship within the United States. If you're located in Canada, please visit to order. International distributors will soon make our product available in Europe and the rest of the world. Email us at if you'd like to be notified when we expand availability.

18.  What’s your return policy?

We stand behind the quality of PreHeels. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at for assistance.  Because PreHeels is a new type of product, its important to learn how to use it correctly, so please make sure that you read all of the tips for best results. Returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt. We do not offer free shipping for returns. If you placed an accidental order, please write “Return to Sender” on the unopened box and contact us when you drop it off at the post office.

19.  Who loves PreHeels?


20.  Do I still need to get blisters from shoes?